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Term 5

SATs Information

Term 4

Our topic this term was Beat Band Boogie. We have worked hard all time on creative aspects of the curriculum. We have expressed how music has made us feel through art, explored how sounds can be made in the outside world, researched the use of our bodies as percussion instruments and observed how soldiers move in unison and the importance of timing.


We have worked towards two performances to the whole school; a ukulele performance, where we also invited the governors in to watch us and a dance and movement performance.


Home Learning


As part of our home learning this term, we were asked to complete a science experiment and present our findings however we wanted. Lots of children accepted this challenge and had fun investigating at home and reporting back to class. Children’s findings have been displayed in our big class science book. Nathan chose to record his investigation. Take a look at his video in our Video Resource Centre. 

Our Science Week


French Hares had great fun during Science week! So much cross curricular learning took place over the week, we almost didn’t have time to fit it all in. We were engaged in so many wonderful activities, that we put together a presentation to give you a taster of what we did across the week.

Term 3

French Hares held an E-Safety assembly for parents during the last week of term. We took the time to inform parents about all the possibly dangers we could face when going on-line and taught them about how we have learnt to stay safe.


We also highlighted the fun that the internet can bring us, if used safely and correctly; we created our own French Hares Mannequin Challenge 2017!




Children have emerged themselves into the wonderful world of Scrumdiddlyumptious this term. French Hares have enjoyed a cross-curricular approach whereby their learning of Scrumdiddlyumptious has been evident in every subject. Children have enjoyed researching about the history of Chocolate and where it first came from; Children are able to recall the facts and explain how chocolate is made, starting from the Cocoa Pod, right up until a factory makes a chocolate bar!


Learning about Chocolate wouldn’t have seem right without exposing ourselves to the wonderful world of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! We have enjoyed reading this as our whole class reader and answering comprehension questions on it, as well as losing our imagination to the wonderful creations of Willy Wonka.


As a reward, Children have had the opportunity to win Golden Tickets for EXCEPTIONAL work this term; winners will be entered into a prize draw at the end of term to win a scrumdiddlyumptious surprise!


Wonka Winners!

Term 2


Our topic this term was The Stone Age. During our English lessons we enjoyed researching about The Stone Age and answering comprehension based questions on what we had read. We linked our ICT to our topic learning too and researched facts about The Stone Age. Towards the end of term we welcomed our new teacher into French Hares, Miss Liddicoat. Miss Liddicoat had lots of new ideas for our classroom and we spent lots of time helping her to make displays and turning our class into stimulating environment for us all to learn in.

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In the last full week of term, we had a visitor from Frankie; Frankie is Miss Liddicoat elf and he is rather naughty! He kept escaping from Miss Liddicoat’s bag and hiding in the classroom! Mrs Allen once found him in her office and she had to bring him back to our class and tell him off for escaping again! Frankie was so naughty, he gave us lots of ideas to write a story. We wrote stories about Frankie and all the adventures he got up too!



Term 1

Everyone settled well into the new, higher expectations of Years 2 and 3.   We are developing good behaviour for learning and increased maturity in relationships.  


This term our topic was "Towers, Tunnels and Turrets".    We learnt about famous landmark buildings and locating them on maps.  We really enjoyed building our own towers from different materials and finding out about castles through the ages.


We also researched animals that live in tunnels or in dens underground.


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