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Child Views


“It was a pretty awesome day Mummy"

Ruth, aged 6

(commenting on the school trip)


"I love coming to school because Mrs Biddlecombe teaches me lots of beautiful things”

Pearl, aged 5


“We made aliens that helped us learn our alien words”

Alexander, aged 4


"I love lesson time more than break time because I get better at things and we have lovely teachers and leaders who help us”

Jago, aged 6


“I love looking at birds and learning my numbers”

Daisy, aged 4


“I am really good at writing and I love maths because I get to learn more and more”

Thomas, aged 5


“I love making fire engines with Lego”

Jake, aged 4


“I love our spelling tests because they are really fun and it helps us to read in life”

Asher, aged 6


“We get to learn all our sounds and how we pronounce them to help us read better”

Katherine, aged 5


“I love playing the ukulele and learning the chords”

Reuben, aged 6 


"I just love cooking and making things”

Mia, aged 5