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Term 5

Medium Term Plan

Term 4

We have been enjoying our term 4 topic, traditional tales. We have been learning about the story of the Three Little Pigs and have enjoyed acting out the story using puppets and performing the story to each other. Our amazing acting has helped us to write about the story. We have also been doing lots of maths, learning about number sentences and solving different word problems whilst using the story to help us. We have been doing lots of addition and practicing our number formation in various different ways such as painting numbers, drawing them and writing using chalk. Our confidence with adding numbers together and blending sounds together has improved.


We also loved science week this term where we got to learn about plant growth stages and experimented with growing our very own cress seeds. Our knowledge and understanding of the world has been developed and we know how to look after and nurture plants in the environment.

Picture 1 Three Little Pigs Craft
Picture 2 Maths
Picture 3
Picture 4 Science Week

Term 3

This term, English Lions have learnt about many different people who help us such as fire fighters, doctors, chefs and most importantly our friends, teachers and families.  We have learnt how to help each other and how to be kind and thoughtful with our words and actions.  We have been able to help each other to complete various activities and challenges and work together to solve problems.  For example, when our role play area was a fire station we would help to save people and report different incidents.  We have become better at helping one another and respecting each other through exploring this topic.

Term 2

This term we explored the Woodlands.  We started with Goldilocks and the three bears.  We created the three bears' house in our role play area and really enjoyed going in there.  We also made porridge in the mud kitchen!


A main part of our Woodlands topic was exploring the Gruffalo story.  We even made our own Gruffalo puppets and set up a puppet show.  We have explored many different woodland animals and different textures when doing arts and crafts.  We enjoyed drawing woodland animals and followed picture instructions to draw a hedgehog.




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Term 1

This term was all about exploring and getting settled into school and our new classroom.    We had a tour of the school and met all the teachers and other children.   We even visited Mrs Allen's office.


We have been working on the High 5 rules:
1. We put others first.
2. We take part and have fun.
3. We follow instructions with thought and care.
4. We listen to one another.
5. We tell the truth and say things in love.

Our topic this term was "All about Me".   We made models of our families out of play dough and junk modelling.   We had great fun drawing self portraits and taking the time to learn about the families of our new friends.   We also learnt about different types of homes that people live in and built models of our own homes.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
During our second week we had fun reading and sharing books with our new friends.  We looked at the pictures and made up a story to go with them.   We also had a go at writing our names!
Picture 1

During this term we have focused on our gross-motor skills. To do this we have done a lot of building in the inside and outside construction area, drawing on the big board outside and riding the bikes and trikes.  We have also focused on fine-motor skills when writing our letters in phonics, cutting and sticking as well as turning pages in books.  We have also been learning traditional playground games in our PE lessons.

Picture 1
Picture 2