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It is vital that children are given the opportunity to consolidate, extend and share the learning that takes places during the school day, in their home environment.


Reading is an incredibly enjoyable and rich learning experience and takes time and practise to increase fluency, word recognition and understanding. We expect that every child will read to an adult at least 5 times a week with one of their home reading books which should be recorded in their reading records.  Each week the class with the most readers is celebrated in our weekly celebration assembly.  We would recommend that you read to your children frequently. Tell them a story rather than using a book sometimes and encourage them to do the same to build up their ideas!


Learning to spell is a vital life skill but takes a lot of practise therefore children in KS1 will receive a list of six words to learn how to spell each week. They will receive a weekly spelling and we encourage you to work with your children at home to practise their spellings.  You can help to give them other experiences to help them to remember the spellings such as using chalk, writing it in sand/mud with a stick etc. You can also support your child further by checking that they understand what the words mean.


Homework tasks are sent out at the start of each term which cover the term ahead.  Your child can choose which homework to complete on a weekly basis from the list provided.

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