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Term 4 


In mathematics this term, we have been learning how to weigh items and read scales. We also estimated whether classroom items were more or less than 1kg after testing out a bag of sugar on our balance scales. We have also been brushing up on our addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers, using base 10 and number lines to work out the answers.











This term we have looked at the BFG and Peter Pan. Both books have inspired excellent pieces of writing including a letter to the awful Captain Hook, who threatened to feed Tinker Bell and Peter Pan to the crocodile! We invented our own friendly giants, and wrote descriptions of them taking us on an adventure to Giant Land. We even found time to write some rhyming and acrostic poems!















World Book Day

We created fantastic shadow pictures inspired by our book, Peter Pan. The children posed for photos either as Tinker Bell, Peter Pan or Wendy. They then carefully traced these onto black paper to make their shadows. Finally, they decorated their photos with different materials to make sure they looked the part.








Term 3


Our topic this term was ‘Bounce’. In science we compared the suitability of different materials for making a mini balloon car. Once we had chosen suitable materials we predicted which car would travel the furthest distance based on their wheels, weight and material types.


Many children thought that the button wheels would travel the furthest distance because they were smooth and light. Some children thought that the wooden wheels would travel the shortest distance because although the wheels were also smooth, they were much heavier than the rest of the wheels that we used on the other cars. Once we had made our predictions, we completed a fair test by ensuring that the area we tested each car on was kept the same and the distance it travelled was measured correctly too. The bottle lid wheels travelled the furthest distance because they were light in weight. Some children thought that because the bottle lids were hollow it allowed the air to get inside and push the car further and faster. The thin cardboard wheels travelled the shortest distance because they were not strong enough to hold the car up and the car fell over.














This term we have been working incredibly hard on multiplying and dividing. We have been using repeated addition and subtraction to help us with this. We know that 2+2+2+2 is the same as 2x4, we can count on in twos or use a number line to work out the answer. We even practised by jumping on a number line during a P.E lesson!







We have been learning to identify vertices, faces and edges on 3D shapes. We have been finding 3D objects in the classroom, for example a ball is a sphere, and a glue stick is a cylinder. We have learnt how to double numbers and know that this means to add the same number together twice. We have been practising and securing our knowledge in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers using counters, number lines and jottings. We know that when we add and multiply the answer will be bigger than the two numbers we started with and when we subtract and divide, the answer will be smaller.   



The frog jumps four lots of ten and lands on 40.



The frog starts on 20 and shares it equally in 5s. The frog makes 4 jumps. There are four 5s in 20.








In English and RE we rewrote ‘The Story of Moses’ from Judaism. We have been learning to include different sentence types in our writing such as: statement, command, question and exclamation. We have also been learning to use familiar and new grammar and punctuation in our writing, such as: capital letters, full stops, speech marks and commas in a list. Meah was awarded star of the week for her fantastic writing!




In Science, we carried out an investigation to find out which type of wheel would work best with a balloon-powered car. We worked in groups to make the cars and then we predicted which car we thought would travel furthest. Finally, we tested them and found out that wheels made out of milk bottle tops worked the best!






Term 2


Our topic this in French Hares was ‘Beat, Band, Boogie’. We particularly enjoyed exploring different types of music and instruments. We even made our own musical instruments! We compared the rhythm and tempo of different pieces of music, then used the shakers that we made to create and mimic the different rhythms and tempos. We used our bodies as musical instruments during PE and learnt to sing in a round during music lessons. In geography we used a pen as a drum stick to tap different objects outside to hear the different sounds that they made. We chose 6 of our favourite sounding objects and then drew them onto a sketch map, making a key to go with it.




We had the fantastic opportunity to work with Mim and Silverstone from ‘White Hut Studios’. We had so much fun learning about songs, rhythms and tempos, eventually making our own rhythms and tempos. We rehearsed ‘Little Donkey’ first as part of a round and then in unison. Silverstone then recorded us singing in unison and put it onto a CD for us. We can’t believe we are music artists with our own hit!












We have been working so hard in maths this term, learning to divide and multiply numbers using objects and jottings. We have also been learning how to find fractions of shapes and amounts.












In English we read ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. Using the text to inspire us, we wrote a diary entry from the perspective of George and we also wrote onomatopoeia poems. During the last weeks of term we read ‘The Nutcracker’ and re-wrote our own versions of our toys coming to life and dancing.


Ava’s version:


Term 1


We have had an exciting term, with some strange goings-on in the classroom. We discovered beans on the windowsill; one grew into a beanstalk which Mr Ashdown had to cut down, but the rest went missing. Then, giant footsteps were discovered on the school field, which led us to one conclusion... there must have been a giant on the loose! We interviewed Mrs Nadesan and Mr Ashdown, who assured us they had no idea of the whereabouts of the missing beans. This remains a mystery, however it spurred on some excellent writing and story-telling. We re-told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using actions and words, and wrote stories on what we think the giant did after visiting Jubilee Primary School.












As part of our topic “Turrets, Tunnels and Towers”, we studied the features of a castle, and used this knowledge to design and build our own castles. We works in pairs to re-create our designs, including as many features as we could, such as battlements, draw-bridges and arrow loops.











In RE we learnt about the story of the Good Samaritan. We talked about why it is important to help others, and discussed examples of when we have tried to do this. French Hares then prepared a story showing an act of kindness and performed this in front of the class.


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