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Term 1

This term American Eagles have been looking at the Might Metals topic. We have been busy investigating different materials, writing about the Iron Man and creating our own contraptions. It has been great to see all the children getting fully involved in our learning, which has meant they have learnt so much!



We have been reading the Iron Man. This fantastic book has enabled the children to think creatively about our topic, as a whole, but also to engage with the language and the emotion behind the text. American Eagles have enjoyed acting out parts of the book and writing down how it made them feel. After the children had written a fantastic Big Write piece, they watched the Iron Giant, which is based on the book. They had to compare the book to the film, as they are quite different.



The children in American Eagles have been learning about fractions of shape and of number this term. We looked at different ways that we could divide a shape to make a half, a quarter and three quarters. Children really enjoyed investigating the possibilities for making ‘half’ and enjoyed thinking creatively. This enabled the children to think mathematically and proved essential for them to get a deep understanding of how fractions translate between shapes and numbers.



Year 3 had the amazing Dr Dude from Mad Science come in and talk about forces, friction and mighty metals. The morning comprised of learning about different scientists, forces of objects, how things made of metal fly and air pressure. Year 3 loved investigating with Dr Dude and came up with some impressive presentations about what they learnt.

2017/18 Term 6



In mathematics this term, we have been learning about multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. We have also been learning about fractions of shape and numbers and statistics. As part of our statistics lessons, we linked this into a traffic count, which took place at the front of our school. Children were allowed 5 minutes to record the different types of traffic that passed Jubilee Primary School. Due to the sinkhole, this has made the traffic a little more interesting in recent weeks. Children then had to present their data in a block diagraph in their maths books. The children really enjoyed this and they have been working hard because it was a real life context.













This term we have studied different texts ranging from poetry, pirate stories, recounts from their holidays, as well as reading a range of various texts. The children’s writing has improved so much from the beginning of the year. The children are able to write for lots of different purposes and use a range of punctuation to demonstrate they can write fluently. I have also been impressed with their imagination and their determination to create tensions within their stories to make their writing even more gripping.



This term we have been looking at animals and their habitats, growing plants and it has also been our Science Week! The children have been learning lots about how things grow and the functions of a plant as well as conditions that are conducive to plants growing strong and healthy. As part of Science Week the theme was ‘Let Us Investigate’. The children had a lot of fun investigating in a range of ways. The children really enjoyed the muddy water experiment, as well as looking at Leonardo da Vinci for scientist day. This included looking into da Vinci’s flight inventions and how we could incorporate an investigation around flight.











This term Year 2’s topic has been Land Ahoy! The children have been whisked to the far ends of the earth to discover the treasures of the deep! Year 2 really enjoyed their trip to the Smugglers Adventure, Hastings. Here they learned about real life pirates that used to smuggle different items into the country, such as tobacco, rum, tea and certain herbs and spices. This lead the children to think about what life must have been like for a pirate. This really helped when it came to Italian Ibex turning into pirates for their parent assembly. The children really enjoyed displaying a few of the things that they had learnt over this term. It has been so enjoyable stepping back and seeing the children’s imaginations come alive through their enriched curriculum.



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