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Modern Foriegn Languages

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With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world's No. 2 language in terms of how many people speak it as their first language.  We understand the importance of learning a foreign language at an early stage and thus all pupils on entry into school will begin to learn Spanish.  We also hold a Spanish afterschool club to enhance their learning and this is open to all children from Year 1 upwards.
Every Monday and Friday is "Spanish Greeting" day at Jubilee School.   Staff greet all children and their parents in Spanish.   This assists both children and staff to learn the language by using it frequently.

Useful Spanish Phrases

Hola Hello
Buenos Dias Good Morning
Buenos Tardes Good Afternoon
Buenos Noches Good Night
Muchas gracias Thank you very much
Buen fin de semana Have a good weekend
Muy bien Very good
Como estan? How are you (Group of people)
Como estas? How are you (single person)
Ven aqui Come here
Vamos afuera Lets go outside
Otravez Again
Estoy feliz I am happy
Abre la puerta Open the door
Cierra la puerta Close the door
El agua Water
El uniforme Uniform
Los zapatos Shoes
Donde estan los zapatos? Where are your shoes?
Almuerzo Lunch
El comedor Dining Hall