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Vision and Ethos

Our vision is to foster a love for learning, equip children to live life skilfully and create positive memories.


  • Love for Learning: Through an exciting, dynamic education, Jubilee school stimulates a child’s naturally inquisitive mind, instilling a love for learning. We provide a safe environment in which individuality is valued, diversity is celebrated and a strong sense of self-worth imparted.
  • Equipping to live life skilfully: We foster early character development, enabling children to identify, explore and realise their potential; thereby empowering them to take ownership of their learning and behaviour.
  • Create positive memories: We promote physical and emotional well – being through inspiring a love for the Arts and sport. We provide access to explore and learn in a classroom without walls.
  • Dedicated Teachers: Our school has enthusiastic, dedicated and empathetic staff, with a passion for teaching. They provide a safe environment in which learning is fun.
  • Our Nature is to Nurture: Staff and parents/carers collaborate; working towards the common goal of every child excelling and making progress. A strong family ethos is central in providing an environment in which trusting relationships are cultivated.

Excellence in Education, Equipped for Life


Jubilee Primary School is a mainstream primary school with a faith ethos and is open to children of all backgrounds, regardless of faith. Our school opened in September 2014 with one mixed Reception/Year 1 class, but being a two Form Entry school, it then took two classes of Reception in the year 2015-16, progressing each year until 2020, when the school will comprise two classes in every year group up to year 6.

Our passion is to foster an excitement and love for learning across all areas of the curriculum, drawing out and developing each child’s individual gifts and talents.

At the core of our vision is the premise that the quality of relationships experienced by a child during their primary school days will have a significant and lasting impact on their future development. As staff, governors and volunteers, our core values define the way we will care for, teach and enrich every child at Jubilee Primary School.

Our intention is that Jubilee Primary School is judged to be an outstanding school by education professionals and parents/carers alike.

Our aim is that children at Jubilee Primary School will:

  • have a love for learning,
  • feel safe and valued,
  • feel empowered to take ownership of their learning and behaviour,
  • develop the utmost respect for self and others,
  • form positive memories,
  • have a strong sense of purpose,
  • be responsible citizens within their local, regional and national communities,
  • exceed national expectations.

Our Christian faith ethos


The Christian beliefs underpinning Jubilee Primary School produce principles that will be applied in all parts of the curriculum: development of a passion for life and learning; pupils taking ownership of their learning and behaviour; taking responsibility for their actions; working respectfully alongside pupils with differing beliefs and backgrounds; developing a strong sense of purpose; understanding citizenship and taking responsibility for their local and global communities; involvement of parents/carers in the education process; equipping in skills with which pupils can live their lives.  All of these principles are inclusive and appropriate to pupils of varying beliefs and none.

Our faith ethos is drawn from our mainstream Christian beliefs and can be summed up by this phrase, also known as ‘the Golden Rule,

Love your neighbour as yourself. – Luke 10:27b, Common English Bible.

We celebrate diversity in the culture, beliefs, gifts and contributions of each pupil and see them as an asset to the life of our school. We provide opportunities for children to learn about different beliefs and how to develop acceptance and respect for others. Diversity and examples of differing worldviews are used to practically equip children how to interact with and positively contribute to their local and global community.

Overall our faith ethos only impacts our curriculum in terms of delivery. Key Christian values such as respect, integrity, compassion, honesty, service, forgiveness, manners, putting others first, giving your best and perseverance are of high priority; teachers not only encourage these values but model them – acknowledging that children are more likely to reflect the behaviour they see being modelled.