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Term 1

A big welcome back to everyone in Spanish Bulls. Hola!


We have started the year with some religious education.

Year 1 have loved learning about Christianity this term, thinking about how Jesus wants us to look after the world. They have learnt how to look after the environment around them and loved having the opportunity to do this practically around the school. The children helped our site manager by picking up leaves around the trees and cleaning the mile a day track. This was a great experience and they loved seeing the caretaker’s reaction when he saw how much they had helped him and others in the school.








Animal visits

Spanish Bulls have also enjoyed exploring the topic of paws, claws and whiskers this term. They have learnt all about different animals and animal groups and had a special visit from Mrs Barlow’s tortoise! This was a highlight of the term as children got to see and interact with the tortoise and distinguish what makes it a reptile.





Spanish Bulls learnt about their five senses during science and a real highlight was exploring these senses. Children were able to taste, touch, smell and explore their senses in various ways. They loved tasting different fruits and exploring which ones were sweet and sour. They also learnt about how the human body works together in order for all senses to be used. This was a memorable experience that children thoroughly enjoyed.

In science children have also learnt about different animal groups. They have developed their knowledge and understanding of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and insects and have been able to organise animals into the correct animal group. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning facts about different animals.




Spanish Bulls loved designing a logo and making a product this term. They all thought of different animals and designed a logo for animal food. They explored this through junk modelling, experimenting with different textures.














Year 1 have been learning about addition, subtraction and doubling numbers. They also learnt how number facts are related and consolidated their knowledge of number bonds. A highlight from the term was doubling using ladybirds. Children thoroughly enjoyed learning in this way.














Year 1 have enjoyed learning about the Christian creation story in RE. They enjoyed sequencing the creation story and doing art work linked to it such as painting the different stages of the story. They also loved acting out the story and retelling the story.


Year 1 have loved retelling stories in English and writing about stories. They loved The Tiger who came to tea by Judith Kerr. They narrated, wrote and performed the story and created invitations to invite people to tea with the tiger. They have also been ordering the days of the week and writing the days of the week.


2017/18 Term 6

Literacy and Topic

In Term 6 English Lions enjoyed exploring the world beneath the sea. We enjoyed finding out different sea creatures as well as completing different science experiments.

We began by reading ‘Commotion in the Ocean’; this helped us to learn about different sea creatures. We made some amazing models of octopus, fish and jellyfish. We then learnt about the famous sea explorer, Jacques Cousteau. We thought about all of the interesting things he would have seen under the sea. He invented an underwater camera and breathing equipment. We pretended we were divers, describing what we found, what we saw and what we felt. A real diver wrote us a letter and sent us some photographs! He told us all about what it was like to dive. He can dive down 50 metres which very cold and dark that far under the sea. We write some letters back to him.

We completed some different experiments with water. We thought about items that float and sink and we made our own boats, thinking about which materials to use and why. We were also challenged to make a waterproof coat for Bubbles the bear. We had to think about which materials to use in order to make sure he didn’t get wet when we tested out our designs. We explored ice and water, painting with ice cubes and freezing coloured water to explore how it feels.

We have been very lucky to see fish up close and in great detail in our very own fish tank. We have enjoyed learning about preparing a fish tank and decorating our fish tank to make it homely. We have two Variatus Platy called Kurt and Jigglypuff. We also have two Venezuelan Black Corydoras called Broun and Harry Kane. We have learnt about caring for fish, cleaning out their tanks and how to feed them.



























We have been working so hard on our maths this term. We are confident with our addition and subtraction. We have been using numicon as well as boats and fish to help us with number problems, even producing our own mathematical problems. We have been thinking about doubling and halving numbers and using starfish to help us count in fives! We have worked hard on writing numbers and number sentences; we are even becoming more confident with numbers over twenty. We have been using a great deal of mathematical vocabulary around capacity and volume whilst exploring water and how ice changes. We have also learnt how to tell the time! We learnt all about the two clock hands and can read o’clock times. Every hour we come and tell Miss Payne what the time is!












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