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Term 3

Jubilee University

As part of our Equipped for Life learning, our term 3 Jubilee University theme was ‘Healthy Living.’ Over the course of the week, Canadian Bears took part in many activities, exploring how we can lead a healthy lifestyle. On a daily basis, we challeneged ourself to:

  • Drink 6-8 glasses
  • Eat a healhty breakfast
  • Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegentables
  • Be active for at least 60 minutes
  • Make one positive change

We kept a record of our achievements and tried to improve or beat our previous days’ results.

We also took part in the 15minute bleep test. Most of us could only reach level 2 or 3 on the first day but by the end of the week we were beating our scores! Maxwell made it to level 9! A very impressive achievement!


We also had Warburton’s in to tecah us about food safety and how bread is made. They taught us about Mr and Mrs Warburton and how they created their brand. We got to make yummy sandwiches too!










Heroes and Villians – Term 3 Topic

As part of our Heroes and Villains topic, we have been exploring the concept of an ‘unsung hero.’ We invited Mrs Schofield in to talk to her about her job. We often associate jobs such as a firefighter or a police officer as someone that is a hero, but we believe anyone is a hero in their own right! We all have our own ‘special powers.’ Mrs Schofield is an unsung hero for the amazing work she does with unwell children.

Here are some of our thoughts on other ‘unsung’ heores:


“My Mum because she cares for me”

“I think that a vet is important because they help animals and animals are just as important as people!” – Nolly

“A Teacher because they help us grow our brain which means we can get a good job when we are older” – Mckenzi

“A food shop assistant, because if they didn’t work in the shop to sell us our food we would be hungry” – Ashirya

“A childminder is an unsung hero because they look after you when your Mum or Dad have to go to work” – Scarlett


We also desinged our Superhero and Villian characters!














Whilst learning about Time in maths, we read a book called ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. This is a stunning picture book about frogs!


We created a narrative to match the story and then wrote our own stories called ‘Wednesday’.

Here are a few examples of the extracts written by our class:























































For anyone wishing to find out more, take a look at this animated adaption from Paul Mcartney’s collection…



This term Year 3 have been finding out that bugs aren't just things that live in your garden but they can also confuse the coding that a computer needs to work. They have been learning about the different types of bugs that effect computers and solving them through trial and error.



This year, we are very lucky to be receiving flute lessons from Kent Music. At first, we found this very challenging and setting the flute up, was, in itself, a challenge! But we are now able to do this with minimal help and are grasping the technique of playing. We take our flutes home each week to practice what we have learnt. Stay tuned for a future video of us playing!






Term 2

What a delightful time we’ve had this term! From a Scrumdiddlyumptious topic day to Frankie the Elf causing mischief in our class! It’s been a very busy and enjoyable term.


Willy Wonka’s apprentices

As part of English and DT learning this term, we became Willy Wonka’s apprentices. We had to design our very own, unique, sweet or chocolate bar. The design process required us to think about not only the aesthetics of the product, but also the (potential) side effects, eating it would have! There were so many original ideas and the children were fully engaged.

Here are Jewel’s and Ava’s promotional poster for their creation:





This term we have been looking at abstract art. One of the artists we studied was Jackson Pollock. When looking at his style of work, we understood why his nickname was 'Jack the dripper.' The children were really able to express themselves as they 'flicked' and 'dripped' paint across their paper creating their masterpieces!




During Science this term we have been learning about our bodies. We learnt about the 5 food groups and planned our own meals showing a balanced diet. We also learnt about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and we made a human skeleton.



In RE this term we studied Christianity and what the true meaning of Christmas is, both to us and to Christians. We have also been learning about how to share our beliefs and opinions, with respect. We do love a good debate!


Srumdiddlyumptious Immersive Day

To end our fun packed topic of ‘Srumdiddlyumptious’, we held a themed day at the end of term. Both Canadian Bears and American Eagles created delicious delights and treats and invited guests to an afternoon tea party. We spent the morning making sweet and savoury treats, such as cheese and broccoli muffins and rice krispie cakes. We also made our own decorations for the tea party which included place mats and bunting.


We linked one of our activities of the day to our final Big Write piece for the term. Children followed picture instructions on how to make sandwich, followed by using this practical experience to write the set of instructions.




Term 1

This term has been jam- packed with many activities and events! Canadian Bears have settled into their new classroom and year 3 environment with ease. It has been a pleasure to welcome a new class, including some new members.


Exploring Shape

As part of our Maths learning this term, we looked at properties of 3D shape. We had fun trying to create 3D modes using straws and blu-tac. It was great fun and we were all engaged with our learning, using mathematical vocabulary such as faces, vertices and edges.












Mighty Metal!

Our topic this term was ‘Mighty Metal’. We immersed ourselves within the story of ‘The Iron Man’, by Ted Hughes. Our learning was cross-curricular, with The Iron Man being a basis for our English, guided reading, film and media, art, DT, topic, home learning and Big Think.


We really enjoyed reading the story, engaging with characters, exploring emotions and inferring how we thought characters may have felt.


One of our home learning tasks was to make a piece of art work out of metal. We all worked very hard and our end products were truly original.


We also compared the book with the film. We noticed and discussed the similarities between the two, and why the book may have been adapted for effect.


Sunset Scene – Art












Mighty Metal – Home learning










Book vs Film – Media comparison       














Our PE this term has involved us leaving site and visiting our local leisure centre for weekly swimming sessions. We have all improved our technique already. We are looking forward to returning next year.




This year, we are learning to play the flute. Kent Music School are teaching us on a weekly basis. We all have our own flutes! We are looking forward to recording some of our music for you to listen too.




2017/18 Term 6



This term, French Hares have been the captains of their very own ships, but their crews decided that they were no good and marooned them on a desert island! Luckily, they were left with a pen and paper, so they each wrote a letter and sent it in a bottle, explaining what had happened and asking to be rescued. It took a week before they received a reply and set off on yet another adventure. They wrote fantastic stories about how they escaped from the island. Some made boats from palm trees, and some enlisted help from sea creatures! We are very glad that all of our captains are now safely back in school, waiting for their next adventure.










French Hares have been learning about statistics this term, and can now use a range of methods to display data. They worked in groups to complete a traffic count tally on Gatland Lane, and turned this information into a block diagram. They have also been learning how to compare fractions and solve word problems involving fractions.

















Our topic, ‘Land Ahoy!’ has been a lot of fun. French Hares went on a trip to Smugglers Adventure in Hastings, and learnt about the sort of things that were smuggled from ships onto land. They learnt different facts and myths about pirates, and used this to test their parents in their assembly. They performed pirate poems and songs and displayed some beautiful artwork too.


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