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Term 2

Our topic in Italian Ibex was ‘Beat, Band, Boogie’. We particularly enjoyed exploring different music and instruments in topic, we even made our own musical instruments! We compared different pieces of music including beat and tempo, we then used the shakers that we made to create and mimic these different beats and tempos. We explored using our bodies as musical instruments in PE and learnt to sing in a round in music. In Geography we used a pen as a drum stick to tap different objects outside to hear the different sounds that they made. We chose 6 of our favourite sounding objects and then drew them onto a sketch map, then made a key to go with it.


Music Project

We were lucky enough to have Mim and Silverstone from ‘White Hut Studios’ come and visit us. We had so much fun learning about songs, beats and tempos, and making our own. We rehearsed ‘Little Donkey’ first as part of a round and then in unison. Silverstone then recorded us singing in unison and put it onto a CD for us. We can’t believe we are music artists with our own hit!













We have been working so hard in maths this term to divide and multiply numbers using objects and jottings. We have also been learning how to find fractions of shapes and amounts. The children really enjoyed completing a maths investigation. In their teams they had to work out who had stolen all the rubbers from school.











In English we read ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl. Using the text to inspire us, we wrote a diary entry from the perspective of George and we also wrote onomatopoeiac poems. During the last weeks of term we read ‘The Nutcracker’ and re-wrote our own versions of our toys coming to life and dancing.


Marching Band

As well as making magical music on our topic day we also looked at various marching bands. This inspired the Italian Ibex to design their own uniforms. They used a variety of materials and colours. All inspiration came from the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. I have included a couple of pictures of their amazing designs below.



Term 1

In term one, Italian Ibex looked at the topic ‘Turrets, Tunnels and Towers’. We covered activities like castle building, how castles defended themselves, coats of arms and many more activities that linked to these. We read quite a few books that engaged the children in a range of texts. We studied the Jack and the Beanstalk story because of its links to castles and growing, which also linked into our science. We studied ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ because of all the tunnels that the fox family made. The children really enjoyed reading these books because of how we linked our work to them, delving into each text to really engaged them.










The children loved to use their role play skills to show their emotions and what they think about a particular piece of work. This term we looked at kindness and what this looks like toward one another. The children learnt about the teaching of Jesus and why he was kind and how he showed kindness to others.