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Learning at Jubilee Primary School is holistic, impacting the child’s whole development, with a staff team who are passionate about teaching. We teach the same subjects as any other mainstream school but with the addition of weekly, timetabled enrichment activities, a greater emphasis on the Creative and Performing Arts, and optional afterschool activities.


Reading is taught through the bespoke Read, Write, Inc Programme during EYFS and Year 1. The child’s developing phonic knowledge is used to determine the storybooks and non-fiction books they read.

From Year 2 on, children move on to the Collins Big Cat books, which have a range of fiction and non-fiction books. Once a child completes reading a book, they take an online quiz and get immediate feedback. Children respond to feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills.


Reading, phonics and writing will be taught daily through the bespoke Read, Write, Inc programme, across the whole school. Children will be streamed across all year groups according to reading ability to provide highly tailored provision. This programme also has a high focus on language development which we feel is integral to being ‘skilled for life‘.

Read Write Inc

Please access these links for Parent Information on Read Write Inc:


Jubilee Primary will follow a numeracy programme that uses real-life objects, active learning and special vocabulary as a highly enjoyable and effective way of providing children with solid foundations in mathematics.


All pupils on entry into school will begin to learn Spanish.


Every term our children get to choose an area of enrichment that is not normally covered in the curriculum. The children are put into mixed aged groups, based on their choices, to provide an opportunity for them to learn from those older than them and to teach those younger than them. Some of the activities include: cooking, Street Dance, sewing, animation and many more.

Specialists in Creative and performing Arts

We are extremely passionate about the contribution that the Arts can make to an individual’s self esteem and confidence. When a pupil is happy and has a sense of worth and purpose, their effort and enthusiasm in all subjects grows, as does their achievement. Therefore we aim for every child to:


  • Plan and partake in an annual Arts festival and/or school production.


  • Learn to play a musical instrument during school time with no extra charge.


  • Take part in a weekly enrichment activity to explore and develop their own gifts and talents, for example in photography, cooking or website design. These sessions will take take place in mixed aged groups so that pupils will have the opportunity to meet with children from across the school and learn how to teach others younger than themselves.


  • Participate in intra-school sports activities with additional opportunities for inter-school events. We also offer a wider range of sports activities available to all genders, including swimming in year 4.

For more information on our curriculum, please view "Everything we do". 

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