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Term 4


We really enjoy reading and writing in English Lions! We absolutely loved World Book Day. We read ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and we all looked fantastic dressed up as the different characters! During World Book Day we had the chance to share a story with the Year One children. They read us a story and we talked about it with them; we had such a good time and made some new friends. Our topic this term has been minibeasts, we read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Bad-Tempered Ladybird’. These stories helped us to discuss periods of time, we sequenced the stories and we loved joining in with the repeated phrases. We even re-told these stories to our friends. We wrote about minibeasts and our experiences. We can write fantastic sentences, using our phonic knowledge brilliantly!










This term we have been counting the legs of minibeasts! We can count brilliantly from one to twenty. We have even started adding numbers and writing number sentences. We thought about the language related to time whilst we sequenced the days of the week using the Hungry Caterpillar to help us. We even learnt the word estimate when thinking about millipedes and other minibeasts! We really enjoyed looking at pattern this term. We used stickers, colours, numicon, Lego and many other resources to make repeating patterns, sometimes with even up to 3 steps to them!





We have learnt so much about different minibeasts this term. We can identify them well and tell you some interesting facts about them. We enjoyed observing minibeasts, both at school and at forest school. We caught minibeasts in our containers and looked at them through the microscopes. Did you know that a spider has two body segments! We have completed some wonderful paintings of the minibeasts we observed and at home we made some amazing models to show our friends. At forest school we also learnt about the habitats that the minibeasts live in. We found some worms by tapping on the soil and we lifted some logs to find woodlice.








Term 3


English Lions have been busy writing all about the different occupations that we have come across in our topic, ‘People who help us’. We have thought hard about the many different people who help us and written thank you cards to waste collectors and postman to thank them for their services. We are using our sounds really well to write independently. We studied the text, ‘Cops and Robbers’. We loved describing the characters in this story, including the naughty Grandma, Swagg! We also found out about the RNLI; we drew story maps to show the procedure which they follow during an emergency.















English Lions have been working very hard with their counting. We have been detectives on a number hunt and even fire fighters putting out the numbers that are on ‘fire’ with wet sponges! We have been learning how to use numicon to help us with recognising number and we have begun to think about addition and subtraction. We made fire engines to help us learn about 2D shapes. We named and described how many corners and sides we could count before we stuck them down to make our fire engine.












We have been very enthusiastic about our topic this term. We have especially loved our police station role play area. Here we have written up ‘incidents’ that have occurred and taken many 999 phone calls. Our favourite day this term was when we got to meet a real police officer. He brought some clothes and hats for us to try on. He even brought his riot shield to show us. We met the police officers friends:

There was Buddy who taught us to ‘yell and tell’ if a stranger made us feel unsafe.

Eric taught us to be S.M.A.R.T (Safety Means Always Recognising Trouble)

Paulie taught us to watch out for strangers in cars.

We had a wonderful time and learnt so much from this first-hand experience.

We next have a visit from the RNLI to look forward to!


Term 2


We have had a wonderful term exploring ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Stick Man’. We found a true love for these stories and we really got into role as the characters, joining in with some of the phrases they say! We have drawn fantastic story maps to help us tell the story and written character descriptions of the Gruffalo. We included all of the features of the Gruffalo, including his terrible teeth and knobbly knees!



The Stick Man helped us with much of our maths work this term. We worked in partners to describe his position using vocabulary such as behind, next to and in front of. We also measured him against other sticks, lining them up and ordering them by their length. We also counted sticks, sorting them to match the correct numeral. This term we also thought about shape. We can now name and describe 2D shapes and find these shapes in our environment.



We have made full use of our new outdoor area this term; we have thoroughly enjoyed having our own space! In this area we have a reading tent, a writing table, a maths area, a water area and a drawing board! We have explored the mud kitchen, taking on different roles and cooking Gruffalo crumble. We have explored texture, completing leaf rubbings and using magnifying glasses to look closely at natural materials such as pinecones. We threaded leaves to help us decorate our Gruffalo den. We also had an afternoon in the forest thinking about hibernation and describing natural resources. We made animals out of clay and sticks that we found in the forest area; we also climbed a fallen tree and sat around the campfire to drink hot chocolate. We were all exhausted at the end of the day!



Term 1


English Lions began learning sounds this term. Not only could we recognise the sounds but we could also find many different opportunities for writing them! We wrote labels for the body and wrote about our favourite things. We loved dressing up in the role play areas and telling stories about the characters we transformed into.
















In maths this term we learnt how to count to 10. We sang counting songs and completed activities, recognising number and counting out objects. We also looked at measuring using non-standard measure; we measured how tall our mood monsters were and we made a height chart in our classroom.
















Our topic this term was ‘All about me’. We learnt a great deal about each other and became wonderful friends. We began playing name games to help us learn everybody’s name in the class. We thought about what makes us special, what we like and dislike and where we come from. We brought in photos of ourselves when we were younger and tried to work out who was who - we have changed quite a bit! We enjoyed playing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ to help us learn the parts of the body. We even labelled each other’s bodies. We loved learning about hygiene, we had some dirty teeth to clean with a toothbrush and we learnt about why this is important. We learnt about why it is important to wash our hands, we used glitter to show germs and it spread everywhere until we washed our hands!













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