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Y2 Pirate Day

Italian Ibex had a swashbuckling day as we travelled back hundreds of years to when pirates ruled the seas. The children started off the day solving their final clue to lead them to the class treasure that was taken from them back at the beginning of term 1.


After this, the children took part in a series of science experiments looking at if they would sink or if they would float. The children made predictions around each material before it was tested. The children also looked and surface area and buoyancy. Each pair were given either a piece of clay or play dough and were tasked with transforming it into a ship. They then had to make their vessel float and predict how much mass each ship could hold. The children had lots of fun exploring this.


At the end of the day, the children enjoyed the treasure and popcorn that they had won for their 100% reading in the past term. It was truly an arrrgghhhhmazing day, and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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