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Term 3

Spanish Bulls have loved being able to explore their ‘Dinosaur’ topic this term. Everyone has shown a great interest in all of our learning throughout the term, and have been very enthusiastic during online learning. Well done Spanish Bulls class!

English / DT

In English, Spanish Bulls have loved reading the story ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’ as a class. We were completely fascinated with reading this wonderful picture book – all about the cave men and how the dinosaurs may have become extinct. After reading the story, we were inspired to create our own new underpants for the cave men in the book. First, we explored which materials would be used to create underpants with, considering why various materials would be more suitable to use than others. Following this, we were all able to design and create our own pair of underpants.


Spanish Bulls began the term by learning about various animal groups. Firstly, we examined a range of different animal groups such as reptiles, birds and mammals, and discussed which animals would be described as each category. As well as this, we explored the similarities and differences between animals belonging to each category. This helped us to consider which animal group the dinosaurs would have belonged to when they roamed the land. After exploring these animal groups, we learnt about animal diets, and what being a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore means. We were able to design our own dinosaur meal to suit each specific diet. We were very excited to be able to create our own dinosaur eggs, using a range of different materials and resources.


In Science this term, we have been learning about the changes that happen across the seasons – focusing on how nature changes from autumn to winter. Firstly, we discussed what happens to the weather as autumn ends and winter begins – considering that the amount of daylight shortens as winter approaches. As well as this, we explored the clothing that would be suitable to wear during the winter months. We created wonderful seasonal tree scenes to show the changes between the autumn and winter seasons. It was lovely to see the different ways and materials that each of us used to create these fabulous pieces of art.


For maths this term, we continued to extend our knowledge of numbers up to 20. We began the term by exploring the methods we can use to partition numbers into tens and ones – using a variety of resources to help us achieve this. We continued to build on this by identifying methods that can help us when adding numbers to 20, such as a number line and Numicon pieces. Towards the end of the term, we moved on to learning how to subtract numbers within 20, using previously learnt skills to support this.


In PSHE, we have loved exploring the theme of friendship this term. We discussed what it means to be a good friend, and the kind of things a good friend can do for another person. As a group, we thought about who our friends are, and shared opinions of what makes them a good friend to have. As well as this, we explored the meaning of respect, and various ways we can show respect to our friends and other people.


Across the term, Spanish Bulls have been highly enthusiastic about our PE lessons. We have been able to complete a range of different workouts as a group to help build our fitness and stamina. As well as this, we focused on improving our balance by being able to complete different challenges – one of these challenges involved finding how many items we could balance on our bodies, which everyone loved trying. Towards the end of the term, we began to learn a range of gymnastic poses to stretch different muscles in our bodies. Some of us created wonderful routines using these poses, and shared with the rest of the class for everyone to try.

Term  2

English / History

Spanish Bulls have loved further exploring their topic of ‘Splendid Skies’ this term. A highlight was learning about the life of Sir Francis Beaufort, and looking at his Beaufort scale. Children used the Beaufort scale to measure the wind speed outside, and wrote facts about him.


Spanish Bulls loved making kites in DT this term to complete an experiment to test whether plastic or card kites would fly better. They discussed which materials they should use to help their kites fly better. Children took their kites outside into the playground and tested their kites to see if they can fly.


This term in RE, Spanish Bulls thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Christmas story. They practised retelling the story across the term, and put on a wonderful Zoom Nativity performance for parents to watch. Children absolutely loved learning, and performing this story.


In maths, children have been learning to partition numbers to 10, by using the part-whole model. They have used numerous resources to support their understanding of partitioning, such as counters and numicon. Spanish Bulls have really enjoyed their maths learning this term.


Spanish Bulls loved exploring the theme of compassion this term. Children discussed what it means to be kind, and different ways they can be kind to others. The class created a ‘Kindness Jar’, all kind gestures can be added to this and children have thoroughly enjoyed using this jar. Every week names are taken out of the jar, and they receive a special kindness dojo point!

Term 1


In maths children have been learning to order numbers to 10, count and group objects and compare numbers that are greater than, less than and equal to. They have learnt to use many resources to support their learning such as numicon, counters and ten frames. Children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning and using Power Maths books for the first time!


Spanish Bulls have loved reading and sequencing books linked to skies this term. A highlight was ‘The First Hippo on the Moon’ by David Walliams. Children sequenced the story, designed rockets and wrote about the story. They also thought carefully about which materials would be best to use when designing a rocket.


Spanish Bulls loved exploring their topic of ‘Splendid Skies’ this term and thought about clouds in the sky. They discussed shapes that they had seen in the sky and learnt about cloud formations. Children used different textures to create cloud artwork to display around our classroom.


Spanish Bulls have been learning about keeping safe at school and have been practicing simple ways to help them keep their distance such as ‘elephant arms’ when lining up. Children have enjoyed PSHE this term. They thought of something that makes them happy when they feel worried or upset and made a happy thought bubble to display on our wall. This supported children with returning to school and feeling safe. Children also came up with thoughts on bubbles to help us remember how to socially distance.

Jubilee University

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed Jubilee University this term where they learnt about Road Safety. They developed their knowledge on how to safely cross the road and thoroughly enjoyed putting their learning into practice. Children enjoyed learning the ‘King of the Road’ song and identifying potential hazards on the road. They worked in small groups to cross the mapped out road on the playground and gave each other feedback. 

Road Safety Experiment

Spanish Bulls loved completing a road safety experiment to test whether or not wearing a seatbelt keeps you safe. They learnt how to prepare an experiment and thought carefully about what equipment was needed. They also predicted what they thought would happen and recorded their result. Children learnt the importance of wearing seatbelts through this experiment.


Term 5 and Term 6



This term we have loved learning about animals and it has inspired us to complete lots of writing. We wrote a letter to a zoo keeper asking questions about some of the animals. We were so excited when we received a response which answered our questions and gave us lots of information. We found out that elephants cannot jump, and sharks don’t sleep! We also made a zoo guide, which included a map and some facts about the animals. One of our favourite pieces of writing was inspired by the story, ‘Augustus and his smile’. We thought about all the things that make us happy and wrote them down.


We have been working really hard on learning lots of new number skills. This term we learnt how to double by decorating butterfly wings. We also learnt to halve by sharing food between animals. We loved solving different animal number problems.


We are now experts at writing number sentences for addition and subtraction, and look how neatly we present our work! It was fun to challenge ourselves and come up with our own number sentences.



At the start of the term, eggs were delivered to school and we watched them hatch into gorgeous chicks. It was so exciting to discover that they all had different coloured feathers. We learnt all about the life cycle of a chicken and even made our own chicks with moveable wings.


We have spent time experimenting with different techniques in art and design. We used these techniques to create images of different animal coats. Multi-coloured hand prints made a parrots feathers, finger prints made a leopard’s spots and we scratched paint to make snake prints. We then came up with words to describe them, such as ‘bumpy’ and ‘colourful’.

Term 4



This term, English Lions have been busy learning about shapes, patterns and number.

We loved learning about different 3D shapes and coming up with rhymes and actions to help us remember them. We were then able to sort classroom items based on their properties and used excellent language to explain it. We were able to explain that cylinders and cones could go together because they have curved edges. We also noticed that some cuboids could be grouped with the cubes if they had square faces.


World Book Day

For World Book Day, we looked at the story ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’. This inspired us to make lots of giraffes. We challenged ourselves to make them in different sizes. Whilst making them, we compared them to our friends’, and could say whose was tallest and whose was shortest. We could not believe it when we found out that real giraffes can grow almost as tall as the school!


English Lions have loved reading different traditional tales. This has inspired a huge amount of writing. This term we have started writing in full sentences using finger spaces. This makes it much easier to read our work aloud. We have been so proud of our work that we are always asking to show our writing to the rest of the class at the end of each day.


We wrote in speech bubbles about what we thought the characters in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ would say about how they felt.


We made ‘Lost’ posters for the Gingerbread Man. We wrote sentences to describe him.




We have made the most of our outdoor area during this topic. The most popular set up was our ‘Three Little Pigs’ building site. We loved using the diggers to transport materials to make houses for the pigs. We soon discovered that it was nearly impossible to build with straw because it kept blowing away! We made sure we transported materials safely and tested our structures to make sure they were secure. We showed fantastic listening skills by communicating and working with our friends to build houses together.

Term 3

English Lions have had a brilliant start to term three and 2020. Our topic ‘Traditional Tales’ has been great fun and has inspired lots of learning through play.



One of our favourite books this term was ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children were very excited to meet Mrs Brand’s chickens. The children learnt about the life-cycle of a chicken. They made their own life cycle pictures and labelled the different parts.


English Lions enjoyed writing letters to the hen to offer to help her make some bread. Asher wrote “I can help you make bread”.

The children had a fantastic time making the bread and eating it. They then wrote shopping lists with all the ingredients they needed for the recipe.

The children have loved re-telling the different stories we have learnt about this term. After watching some different versions of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, they came up with alternative endings. To help re-tell their stories, the children made puppets and used instruments for various sound effects. We filmed each group and loved watching them on the big screen in class.


After weighing out ingredients for bread, the children loved investigating the weight of different items around the classroom. They used balance scales to compare weights, saying which item was heavier and which was lighter. Outside, some children even made their own balance scales!

We have also really enjoyed reading ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children have loved building houses out of lots of different materials. They even tested the houses against wind and rain to find out which was the strongest! Whilst building, we learnt about 3D shapes. We investigated which shapes work best for building and stacking, and which roll and fall down!

Term 2


English Lions have enjoyed the autumn term theme of ‘Woodland’ and have made full use of the wonderful sticks, pinecones and coloured leaves that have fallen.


We have dived into the world of ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Stick Man’, concentrating this term on speaking and listening skills and joining in with repeated refrains. Children retold the stories in their own way using role play and small world activities. We have described settings and characters using different language and exciting vocabulary. As we learn new sounds we have developed a love for writing, using identifiable letters to communicate meaning to support our drawings. Children have independently produced their own Stick Man’s Family Tree and written letters to find him.  

One of our highlights this term was our forest school trip, where we went on our very own bear hunt through the woods! With our fantastic observation skills we did find the bear, he was soft and cuddly! We sang songs and ate a picnic around the fire. We were in awe of the flames in the fire and enjoyed sitting safely watching it burn. We thought about the different textures and feelings in the woods, one of our favourites was how the mud felt under our feet, especially when we jumped in the muddy puddles!

In English Lions we love to create. We have made use of the wonderful natural resources available at this time of year to create wonderful models and pictures. We made our own Stick Men, as well as creating a Family Tree and a bed for him. We built bridges across rivers and more recently we made angels and stars to put on the Christmas tree. We are improving our skills with discussing what we have made, how we made it and how we can improve.

For maths this term we have focused on our counting and number recognition. We have again used many different natural resources to support us with this and have linked it to the tasks that we have been completing already, so that we understand why we need to develop our math skills. We have worked on saying one number name for each item we are counting, touching or moving the items as we do so. We have also looked at measurement, we used vocabulary such as longer and shorter to order the length of sticks and we enjoyed using a metre stick to compare our own heights.

Term 1


English Lions have had a fantastic first term at school. They have had a busy time getting to know each other and learning the rules and routines. Although it has been a very wet term, they have still loved exploring the activities in our outside area, especially the messy mud kitchen! English Lions love to sing and they have learnt lots of songs, with the favourites being, ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’ and ‘Boa Constrictor’. They have even come up with their own dinosaur song! Art and design has played a big part in the classroom this term, and there are definitely lots of budding artists. The children have used shapes to make pictures of animals and painted pictures of their favourite dinosaurs. English Lions have also started Phonics lessons and are doing incredibly well with learning all of the new sounds. Mrs Brand and Mrs Dutton are very proud of all the children for settling in so well.


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