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Term 4


This term we have enjoyed lots of exciting writing opportunities and writing for different purposes. For Wold Book Day, the whole school read ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and produced some excellent writing inspired by the story. In English Lions, we decided to write about what we thought a tin forest would sound like. We used metal instruments and objects to make lots of noise, then wrote down words to describe the sounds.




















We have read many stories as part of our topic ‘Traditional Tales’ . We particularly enjoyed ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We planted our own beans and have been watching them closely to see if they will grow into a giant beanstalk! We wrote down our predictions on how tall we think they will grow.





















We have loved learning maths skills through play and exploration this term. We used rulers to measure and compare different plants and other items in our outdoor area. We have also measured ourselves to see if we have grown since we started school.




















We have been using scales to measure and weigh ingredients for our gingerbread men, and to make different amounts of porridge for the three bears!



‘Traditional Tales’ has been an exciting topic, and a great opportunity to learn stories by heart. We remember key phrases from the stories and join in with these. We have also learnt a poem about ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The poem is a call and response poem, so we split into two groups, taking it in turns to ask and answer the questions in the poem. We performed this in front of the school, and felt very proud of ourselves.

Here are the first two verses:


“Hey there Big Bear,

What do you like for breakfast?

Cornflakes, rice cakes, Weetabix or what?


I like porridge, give me porridge,

I like a lot of porridge,

In a great big pot!”

Term 3


During this term we have been improving our writing in lots of different ways. We have worked very hard on our handwriting and have all been trying to keep our letters on the lines in our books. We have also been remembering to use finger spaces between our words and full stops at the end of sentences. We are very proud of our writing and cannot wait to do more next term!




















To help with both our reading and writing we practise Phonics every day. We have been going over the sounds we learnt in Term 2 and working hard on our blending. ‘Red words’ are tricky because you cannot sound them out, but we practise recognising these and know where to find them in our class room to help us spell them correctly in our writing. Our reading and writing is improving every day because we try our best in phonics.



We used to find it tricky remembering the names of 2D shapes, but this term we have had a different ‘shape of the week’ each week, and now we are very good at naming shapes and spotting them in our environment. We use actions for different shapes to help us remember them.

This term we have also learnt to write number sentences for addition, we love to do this independently during choosing time. Look at some of our independent work:










‘People who help us’ has been an excellent topic in English Lions. We have learnt about lots of different occupations of people who help us in all sorts of ways. We have especially loved our role play area and dressing up as police and firefighters. Here are some of our favourite job roles we have learnt about:


Term 2


We have been working incredibly hard on our phonics this term. We have been learning how to read, write and say sounds. We are also getting very good at blending so that we can read words. We have loved writing about the Gruffalo and making invitations for a bear’s Christmas party!











During Maths, we have been practising our counting and learning to recognise numerals. We have been counting anything and everything! One of our favourite things to count is stamps, claps and taps. We do this in counts of eight which also helps us to keep the beat in music.



Our woodland topic has inspired a lot of learning in our class and in our outdoor area. We have built dens for the Gruffalo, hunted for places to hibernate and made some fantastic stick men. We were very excited when Mrs Brand found a hedgehog in her garden, and loved making houses for him to live in.

We were very lucky to be able to go on a forest school trip this term too! We drank hot chocolate and had marshmallows around a camp fire, went on a bear hunt and climbed lots of trees! We were all very tired, but very happy when we got back to school.



Term 1

A big Jubilee welcome to all of our new English Lions. Everyone has been settling in so well to school life, joining in with all of the fun activities that support our learning, both indoors as well as in our outdoor area.

This term our topic has been ‘Ourselves’, and we have all learnt a little bit more about ourselves and each other.


Role-play area

We have had a doctor’s surgery set up in English Lions. We have enjoyed looking after each other, using thermometers, bandages and medicine. We read ‘Funny Bones’ and discussed our bodies and bones. We set up an x-ray clinic and bandaged up any broken bones.








English Lions love reading, reading, and more reading! Whether it is as a whole class, small groups, independently, inside or outside, we love looking at books. We read stories to each other, and talk about the pictures we see. We love to use our book corner and choose our favourite stories to share with each other.















A very special visit

We have been talking about our favourite animals, so Mrs Barlow very kindly brought in her favourite animal to show the children, Queenie the tortoise!  We loved talking about how to look after her, what she eats and where she lives. We stroked her shell and talked about how she feels. We described her as bumpy, hard and cold.













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