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Term 1

In Canadian Bears our topic this term was ‘Tribal Tales’. For this, we travelled back in time all the way to the Stone Age.


During our Topic sessions we have been exploring what life in the Stone Age was like from looking at where they lived, how they found their food and what they wore. We found out that people from the Stone Age wore different clothes to what we thought they wore. They actually wore fitted clothes and sometimes shoes that were sewn together using needles made out of bone or wood and thread made of grasses, much different to what we see in cartoons! We then put on our designing hats and designed our own Stone Age outfits. Here is some of our work:


Our English learning is a cross curricular approach to our topic learning this term, basing many of our Guided Reading and English sessions on the book ‘Stig of the Dump’.

‘Stig of the Dump’ is a well-loved children’s classic. It follows the adventures of Barney and Stig. Barney is a bored young boy staying with his grandparents on the chalk downs of southern England. One day, he falls over the edge of an old chalk pit close to his grandparents' house, tumbling through the roof of a den. While exploring the den, Barney encounters its owner, Stig, a caveman with shaggy, black hair and bright black eyes. We have not yet finished the text and will continue to follow their adventures next term!

Using this text, we have written letters to ‘Mum’ from the perspective of Barney to explain what we’ve been up to at Grandma’s and telling her about Stig!


Here are some examples of the children’s letters:


In Science, we have become Petrologists (scientists that study rocks) and have been exploring the world beneath our feet uncovering how rocks are formed, what fossils are and how soil is made.

We have taken a closer look at something which we took for granted but without it, there would be no life on earth. SOIL! We found that it was made up of lots of different parts that we could see such as pieces of rock and dead plants. But there are also parts that we couldn’t see such as the billions of micro organisms that call it home and help to make more soil.

Did you know: It takes more than 500 years to make just 2 cm of soil and that a handful of soil, contains more micro-organisms than there are people on the planet!


We have been learning to play the recorder. We have each been given our own recorders and have been developing our recorder skills such as how to play different notes and remembering not to blow too hard so that we don’t have any squeaks!


Whole Class text:

Our whole class text this term has been ‘Operation Gadgetman’ written by Malorie Blackman. The story is about Beans, her dad and her two friends Ann and Louisa. Beans’ dad is an inventor who has invented lots of exciting inventions such as spy kits and exploding biscuits. However, one day when Beans and her friends come home from school they find a letter on the kitchen table. This letter is very strange as all the capital letters are in the wrong places. Once they break the code (using a spy kit that dad invented) they find out that dad has been kidnapped! Who has kidnapped him? Will Beans, Ann and Louisa find him? We will have to keep reading to find out!


In our ICT sessions, we have been learning about Internet Safety. We have been watching ‘Hector’s World’ to help us. So far we have learnt about keeping our personal details safe, what to do if something doesn’t feel right on the internet and Cyberbullying.


Here is a link to ‘Hector’s World’ if you would like to find out  more:


We have worked on Place Value this term. This has included representing numbers to 1000, understanding the value of hundreds, tens and ones, using a number line, finding 1, 0 or 100 more or less, and comparing and ordering numbers.

We use lots of manipulatives to support our learning. We find this helps us to visually explore and understand our learning and use the manipulatives to help prove answers!


Some of the resources we have used this term are:

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