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Term 5 and Term 6


This term, we completed our ‘Road Trip USA’ topic. And what a trip it’s been! Whilst our trip and learning took a different direction with home-schooling taking place, Canadian Bears were still able immerse themselves into the American way of life! From learning about the Iroquois tribe, to the Pop Art movement and Independence Day celebrations, to famous American structures, our learning covered a multitude of subjects demonstrating cross-curricular learning at its best.

Maths – Shape

Part of our home-school learning covered 2D and 3D shape. Children were tasked with building a 3D model with items from around their house. You will see form the pictures that we have some very creative and talented individuals in Canadian Bears! This hands-on approach to learning allowed us to explore properties of shape, to use technical vocabulary linked to it, as well as linking in a variety of D&T skills!


Calista’s Dog – What shapes can you see?
Joel’s shape building created using recycled items form his house!


To consolidate our learning in Spanish, Canadian Bears were asked to create any piece of work they liked to showcase their learning of numbers, days of the week, months of the year or body parts in Spanish.


Troy showcased Spanish numbers by making a snooker set from dough! Very creative!

Matas shared his understanding of numbers in Spanish by linking his love of basketball to his learning.

Alex showcased his ICT skills by photographing and labelling one of his Lego characters!

Science – Plants


Our topic this term was ‘Plants’. Although at home, many of us embraced the opportunity to be in our gardens to build and plant a variety of features. Many of the children spoke fondly about being outdoors during lockdown and how they had had hours of fun planting seeds and exploring the world around them. We took part in experiements to look at plants  more closely, and to investigate how water travels in the stem of a flower. We used food colouring in water and placed white flowers in the water. What do you think happened to the white flowers after they sucked up the coloured water?…

Home Learning – ‘The bits in between’

I have been overwhelmed with pictures of the wonderful activities and adventures Canadian Bears got up to during Lockdown 2020. The learning taking place in addition to the lessons set by us was phenomenal! Canadian Bears are a very active, creative and imaginative young group of people. Take a look at just some of the examples I was sent. (It was so hard not to include them all!)

Dahab perfecting her home baking skills
Ruby busy in her garden
Alex went to watch the World’s largest container ship HMM Algeciras leave the UK .
This little fella was a birthday treat for Calista. Everybody say hi to Obi!
Dom continued training through lockdown and received his purple belt in karate!
Fraser has planted sunflowers
Georgia having fun at the beach
Louis keeping fit
Lacey combining art with spellings and being in the sun!
Leo’s first try at outdoor rock climbing
Madison baked her first cake with her Mum – Yummy!
Maisy was in charge of dinner one evening
A new addition to Ryan’s family
Rose auditioning for the virtual dance competition
A brave deer ate from Tegan’s hand on one of her daily walks
Ada’s pet snails!

Term 4



This term we have completed our work on ‘Light’. We undertook an investigation about light and concluded that darkness can be explained as the absence of light. We learnt about how light travels and that it bounces off of objects and into our eyes.


We also learnt about safety in the sun with regards to our eyes. On a sunny day, it’s good to protect your eyes against the sun. You should always avoid looking directly at the sun, including during an eclipse.

Safety at night is paramount. You should always be seen. This can be achieved by wearing clothes that reflect light. These two clips helped us to understand this.


We know how to be sun safe in Canadian Bears!


Killing those Germs!

When learning about how germs spread and how we can help reduce this, we learnt the 6 steps to washing our hands with soap and water. We used glitter to demonstrate how easily germs can be spread and to help us remember to wash away those pesky germs! We displayed our gruesome germs in the classroom to help remind us to always wash them away!


Meet Messy Mobla and Gooey Dooey…


We enjoyed performing some of our English work through drama. We worked together in pairs to create a small sketch based on our book, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory.’ Children had to recreate a conversation between either Charlie and Grandpa Joe or Charlie and Willy Wonka. They had to use their inference skills to be able to decide what type of things they thought would be discussed.

Roll Back the Stone

Canadian Bears worked very hard practicing for their Easter Production, ‘Roll Back the Stone’ which we had hoped to perform to friends and family at the end of term. Unfortunately, this was not to be due to current circumstances. Children were all given their parts, whether speaking or acting and were busily learning lines and lyrics. I know that they were disappointed not to be able to perform this, as they truly had worked very hard and were thoroughly enjoying doing it. There are some budding performers amongst us!

Term 3


Iron Age Workshop

To end our learning on the Iron Age, we had another visit from Kim. Kim previously visited us as a Stone Age traveller. This time, she visited us as an Iron Age traveller. We had a morning of activities linked to life during the Iron Age. This included:

  • Churning cream in to butter
  • Ground seeds into flour
  • Making clay pots
  • Weaving bracelets

We learnt so much, which helped to consolidate our learning. The most exciting part was actually churning cream into butter and buttermilk. It was very hard work but our perseverance paid off and we were left with two separate containers of butter and buttermilk!


As part of our topic, Scrumdiddlyumptious, we had a visit from Warburtons. Warburtons provide a workshop for children to help teach them about the importance of a healthy diet and making sure they are mindful of food wastage. We learnt about the founders Thomas and Ellen Warburton, and how their family have continued their work in the family business. Thomas Warburton and his wife Ellen first opened their grocery shop in 1870, but it wasn't until 1876 during a slump in the grocery market when Ellen Warburton started baking bread. Ellen's first batch of four loaves of bread and six cakes sold out in under an hour. Within two weeks the tiny shop in Bolton was renamed 'Warburtons the Bakers' and continued to go from strength-to-strength over the next 141 years.


To our end our learning, we were able to make our own delicious sandwich, filled with delightful fillings and were each given a loaf of Warburtons bread to take home and enjoy!


This term, we have been playing competitive games and applying basic principles suitable for attacking and defending. We looked at these skills through hockey, football and netball. Our PE lessons with Mr Ibbotson are great fun!

We also take part in the ‘Mile a day’ challenge on days we do not have PE lessons. This is a great way to help us achieve our 60 minutes of activity each day. We run it as a class and even challenge teachers to beat how many laps we can complete!

Jubilee University

Our theme for Jubilee University this term was ‘First Aid’. Over the course of the week, we learnt many valuable skills:

  • types of emergency services
  • how to call for help if someone is in need
  • how to treat a head injury
  • how to treat a sting or bite

We learnt a very useful acronym that everybody should learn if they ever have to ring 999 and ask for assistance.




Other services

Number of casualties

Extent of injuries

Location (Repeat)



Our work on Forces and Magnets was completed this term and as a class we decided that this has been one of our favourite topics. We got to explore using a variety of magnets and learnt about the poles of a magnet. We watched some useful clips on the BBC Bitesize website to help us understand how magnets work. These clips can be found by clicking on the following links:



Term 2


Canadian Bears welcomed Kim, a Stone Age traveller, into their class this term, to enhance their topic learning on the Stone Age. Children were given the chance to make fire using a variety of Stone Age methods, including lighting a piece of cotton using flint. Kim taught Year 3 how to make paint using rock and vegetable fat, creating a class cave painting. It was a wonderful experience that really helped to bring the children’s learning to life.

Cross-curricular learning

This term, our topic work moved from the Stone Age era into the Iron Age era. Understanding a time line of events, and how life evolved between these periods, has been great fun.  We used the text, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, as the basis for our English work and completed some wonderful writing in the form of a diary entry by the main character, Hogarth.


The Iron Man also appeared in our class one day. The visual aid helped to capture the children’s imagination and enhance their involvement in the story.

As part of our topic, art and D&T, we explored Celtic Warriors and the story of Boudicca. We designed our own warrior shield based on our personality, then transferred the design onto cardboard. We used cardboard saws to cut out our shape and carefully sketched and painted the design onto our shield. The whole class made authentic shields that most warriors would have been proud of.

STEM Workshop

As part of our curricular learning, we took part in a STEM ‘Make and Do’ challenge with Year 2. The challenge was to design and build a house from cardboard, using cardboard saws, screws, bolts and a screwdriver. The design criteria stated that the house must be:

- stable

- secure

- have a roof

- have walls

- be as close to the design as possible


Teams were mixed with Year 2 and Year 3 children working together. The winners of the challenge were asked to attend a final against winners from other schools. The winners from our school were Grace, Frarney and Lilja. Well done!


One very chilly Monday afternoon, Frankie the Elf mysteriously reappeared at JPS! He belongs to Canadian Bears, but Miss Liddicoat never knows when he will arrive and what he will do. During his Christmas visit he hid all of the sweets from our class advent calendar, escaped from a locked cupboard, moved all of the children’s trays and chairs and repeated one of his favourite tricks - covering our class Christmas tree in toilet roll! The children were very keen to think of ways to try to stop Frankie, but none of their ideas were successful! Frankie naturally received consequences for his choices and actions, as decided by the children.

Term 1


What an exciting first term we have had in Canadian Bears! The class have settled in to year 3 and are eager to show off their learning!



As part of our ASPIRE homework, children were asked to create their ideal playground. This could be presented in any form they wanted. Children were very creative and their ideas were awesome!

Take a look at a few of their prototypes…

They were also asked to create a time capsule that would help people in the future learn about them and the way we lived in 2019. Again, children were very creative and we had information presented in the form of posters, buried time capsules and video evidence.

Time Capsule.mp4

Still image for this video

Time Capsule.mp4

Still image for this video

Stig of the Dump and The Stone Age


As part of our English and topic learning this year, we have been learning about The Stone Age and have read Stig of the Dump as our class text. Children have created handprint cave paintings, written alternative chapters for Stig of the Dump and learnt about life as a cave man!


We also entered a local poetry competition and wrote our own poems on Fant and the Community. We loved exploring words and discussing how we could use them to create an image. We looked at poems that rhymed and poems that made us smile and drew upon these features to create our own.

Jubilee University


Our first theme for this year was Healthy Eating / Health. During the week we focussed on our values of independence, enjoyment and motivation.

The aims for our learning  during the week were:

To understand that every food that we put into our bodies affects us.

To understand how different nutrients help us.

To understand a balanced diet.


Throughout the week we participated in personal challenges that ranged from eating a minimum of 5 fruit and vegetable portions a day, drank at least 2 water bottles during the school day, took part in physical activity after school, and improved personal best scores linked to the bleep test! It was an action packed week, with lots of learning taking place!

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