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Our ambitious and aspirational Foundation Curriculum enables our children to acquire relevant subject knowledge, which underpins the application of skills. Our curriculum is mapped out, sequencing the skills (procedural knowledge) and knowledge (declarative knowledge) across the content of the curriculum, so that what children learn builds on prior knowledge. Underpinning our curriculum, are the ten Big Ideas: humankind, processes, creativity, investigation, materials, nature, place and space, comparison, change and significance and these are clearly identified on our online resource, Curriculum Maestro. These ideas, closely align to our vision and values, forming a series of interconnected threads across the curriculum that intend to enable our children to form a better understanding of increasingly sophisticated information and ideas.


The components of the learning journey are shared with the children at the start of each lesson, enabling them to see the progression to the composite or end point. This composite may take the form of an enquiry or key question for the children to respond to, or a shared or individual task for them to complete. We break these composites into smaller component parts so that the learning is manageable for children. We then sequence them correctly so that children can gradually build their knowledge and understanding those larger concepts over time of. Knowledge is consolidated through regular purposeful practice of prior knowledge and built upon to support retention and recall, using the Knowledge Organisers as a frame of reference. Assessment is tracked through Curriculum Maestro so that gaps in knowledge and skills are addressed. This approach ensures that children know and remember more over time.

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