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Term 5

This term, Indian Tigers have been learning all about the Tudors as part of our topic ‘Off with Her Head’.  Pupils have linked their Topic work with English. Pupils have written recounts of the Battle of Bosworth with Mrs Fitter where pupils focused on writing descriptively, using the known facts about this battle.  Pupils have edited and improved their writing by up levelling their work by using expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and relative and sub-ordinate clauses. At the moment, pupils are planning to write biographies about Henry VIII and his six wives!


In Maths, pupil have been learning short and long multiplication as well as short division methods.  They have had lots of practice on doing calculations and applying the methods to help solve mathematical problems. Pupils are now moving onto Fractions and then making links to Decimals and Percentages.


In Science, pupils have finished their unit about forces.  They had lots of fun designing, making and testing out their boats when learning about water resistance and streamlined shapes. Pupils had a competition to see which boat floated moved through the water the quickest.

Indian Tigers have now moved on to are next unit - Animals Including Humans - where pupils are learning about the human growth cycle from birth to old age. 

PSCHEE: Pupils have been learning about changes and loss. Pupils learnt about different coping strategies when dealing with loss.


Art: Pupils drew Tudor style dresses for the six wives of King Henry VII.

Spanish: Pupils enjoyed interactive lessons with Mrs Fitter. In their lessons, they learned phrases and sentences to communicate with each other in Spanish.

Also, pupils in Indian Tigers need to be praised as they have been reading 100% (4 times a week) for 6 consecutive weeks!

Well done, keep up the hard work!

Term 4

Having swiftly adapated from online learning back to the classroom setting,  Indian Tigers have been absolutely INCREDIBLE (yet again) at settling back into positive routines.

They have also been continuing to learn about their stellar topic, Stargazers!



In their lessons, pupils are planning and producing their newspaper reports about the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon. 


Linking it with Jubilee University Week, pupils are turning a newspaper report into a new ‘Jubilee TV News Broadcast’ for Year 2 pupils to enjoy. They have been working hard on their presentation and communication skills!

Easter assembly

In a special Easter school assembly, Indian Tigers were chosen to present Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane.  They put in some sterling performances!


Pupils have been looking at present perfect tenses and recapping on previous learning on word classes.



This half term, pupils have been learning about addition and subtraction and moving onto multiplication and division. Pupils have been learning to use inverse strategies to check calculations.   



In the afternoons, pupils have enjoyed getting fit working along with PE coach focusing on fitness and teamwork. In addition to that, they have been lucky enough to receive some high-energy dance sessions from Strictly Come Dancing star, Robin Windsor!



Pupils have learnt about forces and looked at exploring the most suitable materials to make a successful break pad for a tricycle/car.

Immersive/Theme day was celebrated with children engaging in Space related activities. Zoom sessions were enjoyed by pupils. Pupils were in teams and enjoyed role-playing space engineers and NASA astronauts and given tasks from different destinations and was challenged to work in accurate communication skills. Pupils were tasked with an egg challenge drop as well.

Term 3

From classroom to stepping into online learning (Google Classroom),  Indian Tigers have been absolutely amazing at adapting during the lockdown. They have been working extremely hard on their new topic, Stargazers, producing some fantastic pieces of work.



In their lessons, pupils have produced some excellent factual report of the solar system, mnemonics and now writing their own narrative based on a science fiction theme.  Alongside that they have been enjoying cross curricular links planned during Jubilee University, which has been linked to the environment and the garden, creating fact files, quizzes, writing poetry and making models, alongside the writing.

Grammar: Pupils revised nouns, verbs and adjectives. Pupils delved deeper into their understanding of trickier relative clauses, and used different types of conjunctions in their narratives (co-ordinating, sub-ordinating and conjunctions to create cohesion)



This term, pupils have been learning about place value.  Pupils have focused on the following aspects:

  • Numbers to 10,000
  • Rounding
  • Using the number line effectively
  • Comparing and ordering numbers up to 100,000
  • Roman numerals
  • Negative numbers



Pupils have learnt about the Solar System and have used various websites and fact cards to research this information and then wrote a report using features like sub-headings, fact boxes, glossaries, pictures, and captions.

Some of the other things we have learnt about are the phases of the moon, what causes night and day as well as learning about the first astronomer Galileo. Pupils took their own initiative and created 3D models of the solar system. Some made models of the Earth, Moon, and the Sun to show their understanding of the movement of the moon around the Earth.

Indian Tigers also participate in the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) Garden Birdwatch, which was hosted by BBC. Pupil were observing birds in the area to contribute to national data, cataloguing the number and type of birds.


This week, pupils continued their learning by looking at the garden and looking at the local garden birds researching them, creating bird feeders, wind chimes, quizzes, facts and creating poetry about their garden.

Term 2

Continuing with their topic, Pharoahs, Indian Tigers have produced some amazing work this term.



Pupils have researched the diary of Howard Carter and looked at several other diaries before planning, drafting, writing, and revising their very own diary – focusing on the discovery of a tomb during ancient Egyptian times.  



Pupils revised tenses, prepositions and identified nouns and adjectives in given texts and chose nouns or pronouns appropriately for clarity and cohesion.  They also worked on avoiding repetition and identifying different types of prepositions.



Pupils have been reviewing and recommending books they have read and enjoyed, to other pupils in the class. Also, when they read and find new words and understand their meaning, they have been recording them (to be assessed in class). This has helped to improve their language and build their vocabulary. Dojos are allocated if they are successful in verbalising the meaning of the words acquired from the list they’ve recorded.


This term, pupils have been learning about Fractions and Decimals.  Pupils have focused on the following aspects:

  • to recognise and show, using diagrams, families of common equivalent fractions

  • count up and down in hundredths; recognise that hundredths rise when dividing an object by a hundred and dividing tenths by ten

add and subtract fractions with the same denominator; recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths and find the decimal equivalents to ⅟₄, ⅟₂ and three quarters

  • find the effect of dividing a one - or two-digit number by 10 and 100, identifying the value of the digits in the answer as ones, tenths and hundredths

  • recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths; and the decimal equivalents to ⅟₄, ⅟₂ and three quarters.



Pupils have been engaged in our topic ‘Pharaohs’.  We have discovered all about how Ancient Egyptians lived and how important the River Nile was for their civilisation. Pupils have written a fact file, linked to English. 

Pupils have produced some fantastic artwork around our topic too.


Pupils have been continuing learning about living things and their habitats. They have learnt all about the process of reproduction in mammals – and are able to describe different types of mammals and their life cycles.  Pupils also learnt the similarities and differences between different plants’ and animals’ life cycles.

Term 1

It has been with many mixed emotions that pupils have returned into school life - some with apprehension and others with excitement, embracing the learning! Welcoming new additions to the class and saying goodbye to others, who have moved on. Happy and sad, pupils embraced the new term with their new topic, ‘Pharaohs’.


There have been lots of activities planned to enhance pupils’ learning and create an exciting and stimulating environment. Lots of cross-curricular links were made to help pupils enjoy their learning.


Pupils learnt how Egyptians mummified their dead in Ancient Egyptian times and practised by mummifying a hot dog and talking through the whole process with their partner. Then, pupils created fact files linking topics with the writing skills that they have learnt.

Instructional Text on the mummification process.


Pupils have been focusing on reinforcing multiplication and division.  They looked at how to multiply a 2-digit and a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number; learnt both single line multiplication and expanded multiplication methods. Partitioning of numbers using part-whole models and then dividing the parts were also studied. Pupils then had to use their knowledge of number work in multiplication and division to solve real life word problems, using the “RUCSAC” method.


During this term, in Grammar, pupils have been focussing on Grammar terminology, unpicking what they mean, and then applying it in our lessons, especially in writing. Pupils studied what is a simple sentence, a clause, subordinate clauses and then making links to relative clauses. Pupils had the opportunity to then overlap their skills in their Egyptian writing, ensuring that they included relative clauses and identifying it by underlining the relative clauses, adding more detail to the noun.


In Science, in their Living things and their habitats topic this term, pupils looked at the parts of a flower, pollination – the process, sexual and asexual reproduction in plants, looking at the advantages and disadvantages, using dramatisation.

Pupils had to dissect a real flower, find the reproductive parts, label and write their functions. They were able to explain the pollination process.

Well done, Indian Tigers for settling in and working extremely hard this term!


Term 5 and Term 6

Wow! Looking back at the year, we have finally reached Term 6. It has been a unique term indeed.    


Where do I begin?

Starting from our new innovative way of reaching pupils due to the circumstances caused by the lockdown:

  • Home Learning with guidance to lessons stating what was to be covered each day
  • Zoom sessions for whole school and class assemblies
  • Virtual teaching/lessons on Google Classroom with Mr Salter


This term the focus for Year 4 pupils was ‘Traders and Raiders’.


During their study of the topic, pupils had to learn whom the Vikings were, as well as when and where they raided and settled. They learnt about significant events from the Viking period and ordered these chronologically on a timeline. The children found out about the Anglo-Saxon kings, who ruled during the 'Viking Age', and pupils examined their influence and significance in British history. The children also had the opportunity to learn about different aspects of everyday Viking life. In addition to this, they also learnt about the Anglo-Saxon justice system and compared and contrasted crimes, punishments and laws with their modern day equivalents.


Cross-curricular links were made with the topic – links were made to English, Art, Design and Technology.


English: Grammar/Phonics/Guided Reading/Spellings  

Lessons and resources were uploaded on Google Classroom, and virtual lessons were delivered. Along with given texts and home learning, pupils also had live lessons on a weekly basis with Mr Salter, and then had to work independently completing their tasks.  Mrs Moffatt delivered planned lessons for some pupils on a daily basis, to support them with Phonics. In Grammar, there was a wide range of topics covered, such as extending sentences using subordinating conjunctions; writing noun phrases, adverbials and fronted adverbials; developing punctuation by using commas after fronted adverbials as well as correctly punctuating direct speech and using apostrophes to show possession. In guided reading lessons, pupils enjoyed reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Together with Mr Salter, pupils read extracts from some classic stories such as Black Beauty and information texts about fridges and bees. The children have been using a range of reading skills such as retrieval and making inferences to help inform their understanding of the texts. At the end of the term, pupils had to complete an end of term assessment and parents had to submit them, using the given format.


During the last week of term, the focus was Art and the themes were ‘The Natural World’ and ‘Literacy and creative writing’ across the week.


Maths: Power of Maths

From lessons sent through emails (Home Learning document) to moving onto Power of Maths live lessons – pupils were given opportunities to ask questions and to be taught on a weekly basis in the comfort of their homes. Pupils have been learning about fractions.  They have learnt about the links between tenths and hundredths; pupils explored how to find equivalent fractions and how to simplify fractions; they looked at fractions that are greater than one and the relationship between mixed numbers and improper fractions. Finally, African Elephants have learnt about how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and how to subtract a fraction from a whole number.

Science: Electricity

Pupils learnt about what electricity is. They identified which appliances use electricity in their homes and how to keep themselves safe. Children had to construct circuits, they started to create pictorial circuits and to conduct an investigation into how easily different types of switches can break and reconnect a circuit.

Pupils recapped on previous learning and enjoyed creating their quizzes on Scratch.

In Art and D&T, pupils had the opportunity to plan and create their own Viking shield or long ship’.

One of the exciting events JPS celebrated was the chickens hatching in our school hatchery. Pupils then had to create ‘chicken’ artwork to celebrate the birth of the chicks! 



Term 4


This term has been another great success for African Elephants, although staff, pupils and parents have been saddened to have the term shortened, due to incidents that have occurred beyond their control and  hope to return to school, when it is safe to do so.



Pupils have been writing persuasive texts about healthy eating and the need to exercise regularly, which was linked to our topic, ‘Burps Bottoms and Bile’.  The class first identified features of persuasive writing. After identifying features like persuasive phrases, sub-headings, rhetorical questions, sentence openers and complex sentences; pupils planned, drafted and edited/improved their writing especially on structuring their argument and using supportive statements.  As part of grammar lessons, pupils worked on using relative pronouns and relative clauses in their work. 


World Book Day

The whole class looked amazing dressed up on World Book Day! Everyone enjoyed reading the ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’ story, after which pupils took on the role of the King of France and wrote a letter, using their persuasive techniques acquired from their English lessons to convince ‘The Great Pasha of Egypt’ why sending a giraffe across continents was not the best idea as a gift.


In maths lessons, pupils have been working on times tables, with the focus of speed and accuracy.   The class is now much more confident, using times tables and have also started playing ‘Times Table Rock Stars’, which is a fantastic way for them to practise. During lessons, pupils looked at a range of strategies to aid us with multiplication such as using the commutative method and using times tables to help us multiply numbers.



In Science, links were made with our topic, ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’. Pupils studied about classifying animals, by their living characteristics and also how food chains work, looking at producers, consumers and decomposers. Pupils also looked at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores in the food chain.


Recently, pupils had a Thames Explorer Trust Workshop, learning about the Thames River and how was formed, the wildlife that live there and also about how everyone can take part in planning a healthy future for the river. This was followed by role-play to discover the history of the Port of London.  The class then asked them some great questions and came up with excellent ideas about future conservation efforts.

Other News

A big well done to pupils from African Elephants and Brazilian Parrots, who took part in all of the sporting events, this term.

Everyone has continued to enjoy learning the flute and recorder. Pupils also created some interesting artwork in the style of Andy Warhol based around the ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’ story.  In their RE lessons, pupils looked at the theme of forgiveness and used dramatisation to make links to their day to day lives and how to reconcile effectively with each other, if they ever encounter an incident or a dispute (PSHE links made). 

Well done to everyone for working so hard this term!

With the new term edging closer, pupils can look forward to their new topic,

Traders and Raiders!

Term 3

This term, Year 4 have been studying ‘Burps, Bottoms and Biles”. During this topic, pupils have explored the different functions of organs such as the digestive system and the mouth. So far, pupils have learnt all about the different types of teeth, their functions, oral hygiene and the digestive system, all the different involved. I am sure your children can tell you some interesting facts they have learnt so far!


Pupil have been focusing on ‘Demon Dentist’ as a main text source. In lessons, pupils identified features of non-chronological report and have written their own guide to oral hygiene. In their grammar lessons, pupils looked at direct speech and rules that that need to be followed when incorporating it into text. Possessive and personal pronouns were studied to show how to use them effectively in their writing.


In our guided reading, pupils have been reading “Demon Dentist” and focusing on strategies for extracting information from texts, using our retrieval and inference skills in fiction texts.


Pupils have been revising a lot of key skills for different mathematical operations, exploring a range of strategies to support our mathematical thinking. Pupils have looked at number lines, rounding and bar models in problem solving. Pupils have found different ways to show off their understanding by drawing posters to show their understanding how bar models are used in visualising a word problem. Pupils have applied their skills to reasoning bubbles, deepening our overall understanding and explaining using their mathematical vocabulary.


During this term, pupils have explored the teeth and their functions. They have looked at the digestive systems and will explore food chains. Pupils carried out a comparative test by exploring the effects of liquids on their teeth (boiled egg used during the experiment). Children’s homework was also linked to DT- making 3D models of the digestive system.



In our topic, we have been looking at our local area and their history and the changes in Maidstone over period of time. Pupils compared how the local area, Maidstone, has changed and will look more specifically at the surrounding local area and how it has evolved over time.

Term 2


What a varied and exciting term African Elephants have had!  In our topic lessons, ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’, we explored four different types of mountains of the world and studied how mountains are shown on maps. We even drew diagrams to show the links between the shape of a hill and the contours representing it on a map. We have investigated the effects of climate change on these mountains and we will start looking at eco-tourism and the responsibilities we have in sustaining our Earth.


For Early Morning Work and homework, we have continued to learn our multiplication facts and are now taking regular speed tests, using laptops to track our speed and accuracy.


In Maths lessons, we have been studying rounding of numbers to 10,100 and 1,000 and linking this to problem solving.

In English, we are still continuing to delve more into our novel, ‘Running on the Roof of the World’ by Jess Butterworth, because of the rich use of language and our love of this text. This has given us some amazing writing opportunities, including a narrative, a biography and a newspaper recount about a sighting of a Yeti. We practised using various conjunctions, when writing a witness quotation for the newspaper article, as well as how to follow the rules of direct speech.

In science we have been learning about the properties materials and how they can change. We have planned and carried out a range of investigations, including how water changing states, focusing on keeping tests fair and using scientific vocabulary to explain observations. We also entered the Stem competition and three pupils from Brazilian Parrots were winners, who later represented our school externally, competing on the 10th of December.

They all did very well.


Our school have also been involved in a community project, ‘Salus’ in which we voted to support an environmental cause. In the New Year, we will be holding a dress up day to raise money to adopt an elephant named Jara.


We have indeed a talented group of individuals and this term a number of us have had the opportunity to represent Jubilee Primary School at external sports tournaments at Greenfields. It was a great experience to compete against other schools, with many people commenting on our impeccable behaviour and sportsmanship. We won the table cricket tournament- a truly fantastic result on our first attempt!

Here are some of the winning moments captured on camera!

Term 1 


Everyone has settled well into the school routines and we’ve had a wonderful term learning all about mountains as part of our ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ topic.



We started off the term by looking at poetry and identified the features of different poems.  We then wrote our own mountain calligram poems.  Everyone produced some amazing poetry using lots of poetic devices.  After this we wrote a narrative based around encountering the mythical Yeti creature.  We’ve been working on using expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials as part of grammar lessons and we are now starting to use these effectively in our writing.  In our guided reading lessons, we’ve been reading ‘Running on the Roof of the World’ by Jess Butterworth.  This book links well with our mountain topic as it is set in Tibet and the Himalayas. 



In Maths lessons we have been learning to recognise the place value of each digit in a 4-digit number.  We have learnt how to round numbers to 10 and 100 and have also been using number lines by working out intervals and placing numbers on the number line correctly.  We then moved on to comparing 4 digit numbers using the signs for less than and greater than.  We have also completed reasoning problems for the concepts mentioned above, making sure we are using the correct mathematical language.


Jubilee University

We’ve spent the last week of this half-term taking part in Jubilee University!  We’ve learnt all about First Aid, particularly about how to make an emergency call and how to treat someone who has asthma.  The class produced some amazing information posters and took part in role-plays based around different emergency scenarios.


Harvest Production

Finally, African Elephants did a fabulous job performing the ‘Harvest Celebration’.  I’m sure you are proud of the effort put into this and everyone loved taking part and performing for the school and parents.  A big well done to everyone involved.

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