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Term 5 and Term 6


Spanish Bulls have thoroughly enjoyed working on their number bonds and becoming familiar with numbers to 50. They have enjoyed using the greater than, less than crocodile to compare numbers and recognise patterns in numbers. Children have also learnt to count in twos, fives and tens and identify tens and ones in numbers.


Children have enjoyed completing writing linked to topic lessons this term. They loved learning about The Great Fire of London and the events that took place. They studied Samuel Pepys and were inspired to write their own diaries as if they were at The Great Fire of London.


Spanish Bulls also enjoyed completing writing related to science and art week. They wrote about things that they could identify in the natural world.


Spanish Bulls thoroughly enjoyed completing silhouette paintings linked to The Great Fire of London. Children explored various textures, shapes and patterns during this activity.


Year one studied two historic figures this term, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Children enjoyed learning about the significance of their lives and they were inspired by the nurses that they became. Children enjoyed looking at the similarities and differences between the two nurses through a Venn diagram.


Spanish Bulls loved producing art work in relation to science and art week. They learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees and wrote facts about the two variations. Children created art work through painting and textures to explore their findings.


Spanish Bulls have loved learning about the natural world. As well as producing fantastic writing, they also enjoyed exploring the playground and discovering many aspects of the natural world such as trees, plants, dirt, sand and bark.

Term 4


Year 1 loved learning about Palm Sunday in relation to the Easter story. Children enjoyed imagining that they were a follower of Jesus in Jerusalem, cheering for Him as He entered the city. They made their own Palm leaves using various craft materials and thought about what they would say to Jesus if he were here in Maidstone today.

Drama linked to RE/English (Spoken language)

Children enjoyed completing role play in relation to RE. They thought about famous people that they could relate to, such as the Queen and how they would formally greet her. This fun activity helped children to get into character when thinking about Jesus entering Jerusalem.

Some of the greetings were as follows:

“Your majesty, it is an honour to meet you.”

“Praise be that you have come to our town!”


Spanish Bulls have thoroughly enjoyed their topic of Dinosaurs over the last two terms. A highlight from the term was making dinosaur masks and exploring different materials and textures during the process. Children were able to identify various materials and decide which materials would best for their mask. They could also describe the different textures and how they felt.


Spanish Bulls enjoyed learning about shapes this term. They learnt how to identify 2D and 3D shapes and compare the similarities and differences between the two. They also looked at different patterns and identified which shapes made up each pattern. Children also enjoyed completing shape hunts around the classroom and looking at the shapes of real objects.


Year 1 enjoyed researching dinosaur facts this term in order to broaden their knowledge of animal types. They thought about the type of animal dinosaurs were, whether they were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores and what type of habitat they would have lived in. Children used various forms of ICT to support and present their learning.

Term 3



Year 1 have enjoyed learning about Christianity this term and how Jesus was a good friend. They learnt different bible stories and thought about how Jesus responded in various scenarios. Children developed their understanding of what being a good friend means.


Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed learning the part whole model. They learnt this method in various ways and a highlight was going outside to practice on the playground. This model supported them well with learning addition and subtraction.


Spanish Bulls have enjoyed learning about animals this term. They studied the different animal groups and learnt about herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. Children created their own Venn diagrams to demonstrate their knowledge.


Spanish Bulls learnt about continents and seas this term. They located countries on a map and labelled their own maps. They also learnt a song to support their learning.


Spanish Bulls thoroughly enjoyed writing their own dinosaur poems based on facts they had learnt about dinosaurs. They were inspired by the book ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman. They enjoyed using their imagination and thinking carefully about rhyming words.

Jubilee University

Year one enjoyed their week of Jubilee University this term. They learnt how to keep themselves safe in various ways. A highlight was learning about how the school keeps us safe and what the school has in place to protect everyone.

Term 2



Year 1 have loved their topic of ‘Splendid Skies’. They developed their knowledge of different types of technology and learnt how to use technology in purposeful ways, by creating and filming weather reports. Children worked in groups to create a weather chart and practised presenting the weather to each other and the class. They used learn pads to film each other and manipulated the content in various ways. This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


Year 1 enjoyed learning about ‘greater than, less than and equal to’ in maths. At first, they found this quite a challenging topic but they loved exploring different practical ways of using numbers and greater than and less than signs. By the end of the topic, all children were able to clearly demonstrate their understanding and they felt a sense of accomplishment.

Flying kites!

Spanish Bulls had a fantastic start to the term and thoroughly enjoyed flying the kites that they made at the end of Term 1. The children predicted which kite they thought would fly the best based on the material it was made from. Children tested their results outside and concluded that the plastic kite flew more successfully than the paper kite. Children then recorded their results scientifically.


The highlight for Year one this term has been The Nativity. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their preparation for the production. They have been working hard to learn their lines, songs and develop their acting skills. Children have loved learning about the Christmas story and have enjoyed making various Christmas crafts and props to use in their production.

Term 1


Spanish Bulls have had a fantastic start to the year! They enjoyed doing a mini beast workshop and investigating the playground to discover the mini beasts that we have living on our doorstep. They thoroughly enjoyed making mini beast fossils and using clay to mould their shape.


Year 1 loved exploring instruments to make different sounds related to weather. They were each given a stimulus which they then worked in groups to compose a piece of music to perform to each other.


Our class also loved exploring materials to make kites this term. They followed step by step instructions to use plastic, dowells and many other resources to make a kite. The children then did an experiment outside to compare their kite against kites with other materials. This was a great experience!


Spanish Bulls have loved using numicon to explore numbers this term. They have looked at representing numbers in different ways, ordering numbers and solving one more/less number problems.

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