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Parent Forum

Jubilee Primary School Parent Forum


The Parent Forum is a bridge between the parents and the school. We provide an appropriate way for ideas, questions and concerns to be raised. If your children have ideas or comment about things they like, or don’t like then that is also something you can share with us.


By existing, we are a voice for parents and this means the school is able to manage your questions effectively and for the benefit of all parents.


Of course, parents talk on the playground and now on social media but in supporting the school’s no gossip policy, the Parent Forum is an effective channel for dialogue. No one needs to feel unheard or unsupported. Please bring your concerns to us before you talk to others!


The Parent Forum also helps the school survey parents on important matters and gauge parent attitudes to initiatives they may be considering. The stronger the relationship between parents and the school, then the stronger the school will be.


What the Parent Forum is not for:


  • If you have matters relating to an individual child or incident with a teacher or other parent, then it is advised you take this to the school office first.


  • The Parent Forum works in collaboration with the school and the Governors. We highlight parent views and ask the school to clarify matters, reconsider processes and take on new ideas that benefit our children. We are not here to pressure the school for change or replace the function of the school governors.


Joining the Parent Forum:


  • The ideal structure for the Parent Forum is to have two parents represent a class. Ultimately though we wouldn’t want to exclude any parent that wants to support the school. Too many people wanting to join us would be a nice problem to have. Simply approach any member of the Parent Forum and tell them you want to join. There is a charter to adhere to which would be explained.


How to speak to the Parent Forum:


  • The Parent Forum is happy to take your questions and comments at any time. You may use the suggestion box at reception to post your ideas or email us at


  • Members of the parent forum are happy to be approached at anytime in the playground or around school.


A Parent Forum surgery will be held on the following dates at 4pm:


  • 17 November 2022
  • 12 January 2023
  • 18 May 2023


The goal is to get a response from the school and feed it back to parents by the end of the term in which it was received or sooner. This allows for matters to be discussed at Governor meetings, should it be needed.


If you have reason to complain about the Parent Forum, then you should address this with the chair of the Parent Forum and/or the Headteacher.


We look forward to serving and supporting you.

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