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Heroes and Villains - Canadian Bears

As part of Heroes and Villains topic, we have been exploring the concept of an ‘unsung hero.’ We invited Mrs Schofield in to talk to us about her job. We often associate jobs such as a firefighter or a police officer as someone that is a hero, but we believe, anyone is a hero in their own right! We all have our own ‘special powers.’ Mrs Schofield is an unsung hero for the amazing work she does with unwell children.

Here are some of our thoughts on other ‘unsung’ heroes: 


“My Mum, because she cares for me” 

“I think that a vet is important because they help animals and animals are just as important as people!” – Nolly

“A Teacher because they help us grow our brains which means we can get good jobs when we are older” – Mckenzi

“A food shop assistant, because if they didn’t work in the shop to sell us our food we would be hungry” – Ashirya

“A childminder is an unsung hero because they look after you when your Mum or Dad have to go to work” - Scarlett

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