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Year 6 - Ancient Greece

On our immersive Ancient Greece day, we designed and made Greek pots. We looked at the changes in Greek pots over the years; from the Dark Ages through to the Classical Period. Whilst making the Greek pots, we encountered some problems with handles falling off because they were not sturdy enough and so we had to adapt them on the spot ready to paint black and gold another day.


In Ancient Greek drama, all of the actors were men. One actor would play several characters and so they wore masks to show who they were playing at that time, as well as the emotion that they were trying to portray. The masks had exaggerated facial features so that everyone in the audience could clearly see how the character was feeling, even those sitting in the back row. Can you tell which emotion Harrison's mask is showing?


We tried different Greek foods; pitta bread, tzatziki, feta cheese, figs, dates and olives. Pheobe said that her favourite Greek food was the figs because they were sweet but she did not like the texture very much. Elijah said that the olives were very bitter.   

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